Beau's Bakehouse

Beau's Bakehouse

Beau’s Bakehouse is a small bakery based in Frampton-on-Seven making cakes and other bakes to sell through local shops and cafes.

Beau’s Bakehouse

Beau’s Bakehouse started with Jacqui Cowper-Smith growing up in New Zealand, she believes her love of baking was inspired by her grandmother Beau.


The 1920’s…

In the 1920’s Beau had her own Cake Kitchen in Napier on the North Island famous for its fruit cake.

In 2008 Jacqui founded Beau’s Bakehouse in her kitchen in Stroud, where like her grandmother she indulges her passion for baking, making the most stunning cakes! Jacqui believes a little of Beau has rubbed off on her, a lightness of touch perhaps? However, prior to 2008 she worked as a food technologist for over twenty years ensuring when the move was made, to set up her own cake business, it was an instant success.


The day Jacqui walked through the doors at Primrose Vale…

The day Jacqui walked through the doors at Primrose Vale over a decade ago, we knew we were onto something a little different and special. The cakes were styled beautifully, reasonably priced and above all else tasted delicious. Jacqui believes using the best of ingredients, adding no preservatives or additives and delivering them straight after baking is her formula for success. However, we believe she has a magic touch – Beau’s influence after all?

The Range…

The range available includes the best selling Carrot, Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake, Gooey Molly (no added refined sugar only naturally occurring vine fruits) tray bakes and the more antipodean Humming Bird Cake including a blend of pineapple and banana.

Of course, there are plenty more to choose from and Jacqui also offers the service of baking to order if you have any specific requests.