Chapman's Seafood

Chapman's Seafood

Chapman’s Seafood

The Chapman family have been involved in the fish industry for several generations. Based in Grimsby in North-East Lincolnshire.

Central to the Chapman’s success story has been the late Mavis Chapman and her closely guarded recipes for her inspirational fish cakes. Like many Grimsby housewives she had her own special recipes for making traditional fish cakes from the fish that her husband Terry would bring from work. Mavis understood the principle of only ever using the finest ingredients, and this is very much the cornerstone on which the Chapman’s business still operates.


Mouth Watering Fishcakes…

Today, her sons Kevin and Paul continue with this philosophy using some of Mavis’s very own recipes and some new ones developed and added along the way, that she would have being very proud of. They still have the pick of fish from local suppliers and source their ingredients from local producers.

Chapman’s continue to build on their heritage today and develop exciting and inspirational fish and seafood products.

Fish with mouth watering sauces…

They now have a wide range of quality products to suit all customer groups but our fish wellingtons are one of their best sellers. Chapman’s wellingtons are sensational. Think portions of fish with mouth watering sauces encased in a light puff pastry. Truly Delicious! Our customers love them. Perfect for impressing friends and family or just for a heart warming meal. Their Fish Wellingtons are irresistible.

Explore the full range of exciting Fish & Seafood Dishes

We carry a range of breaded fish which our customers love with Haddock in breadcrumbs being our customer’s favourite. We carry their Natural Fish Fillets (Seabass and Salmon) are filleted and boned ready for you to use as you like. Prepared with great care by the Chapman’s team. Each recipe is a taste sensation and perfect for a heart warming meal. The range includes their very versatile King Prawns, Cooked & Peeled Prawns and our customer’s favourite… Scallops.