Simple Suppers founded by the Graham family over fifteen years ago are a stalwart in Gloucestershire’s food industry. They have developed a loyal following over time quite simply because the pies they bake are mouth wateringly delicious.

The sausage rolls and classic pies such as chicken, Somerset, and beef and Guinness use a rough flaky pastry that’s difficult to beat. Gill Graham developed the pastry recipe herself as she wanted a pie that you could bite into without it collapsing!

The fillings are generous and locally sourced. Quality is assured and of course any pork used comes direct from their farm.

The range continues to include pork pies and clangers similar to a Cornish pasty. Not only that but they also cure their own bacon and make their own black pudding and sausages. Natural casings and only prime cuts of meat such as the shoulder or belly are used which results in truly succulent sausages. Farmhouse Gold are our most popular.

The only hiccup with Simple Suppers is that because they are a small family business they deliver once a week on a Thursday. So if you visit after the weekend we are occasionally sold out. Why not stock up in advance as all their pies with the exception of the pork pie can be frozen on the day of purchase? Or if you prefer, we are happy to take orders.