As the pandemic takes a larger grip on our daily life, we continue to endeavour to supply our local community with produce as best we can. The nationwide stockpiling has taken a toll on our shelves – however we are well positioned to keep fruit and veg on our shelves and have suffered very few shortages in this area. Eggs have taken a beating (sorry for the pun) but we have a local supplier who can deliver as fast as the chickens lay, although we may have moments of shortage, we don’t expect it to be major. Meat is similarly under pressure, but as surplus from the catering trade finds its way to the retail system, and stockpiling decreases we expect this will improve soon too. Some areas such as flour and pasta may take a while to recover from the onslaught as small suppliers struggle to cope with resupply, but we are assured that a reduced range should be coming through later this week.

For those of you still able and willing to come into the shop we are enforcing a social distancing policy, and ask you wait outside the shop until invited in, or a similar number to your party have left the shop. To this end if you are able to shop alone, it would aid us serving everyone efficiently, and reduce the social interaction in the shop. We understand that this is not possible, particularly with young children, and of course in such circumstances you are most welcome. However please avoid visiting if you feel at all unwell. We are taking as many precautions as possible to keep our staff and customers healthy, with lots of hand washing and sanitising, so please bear with us if service is slower than normal.

We are also encouraging the use of contactless payments where possible.

As the requirement for self isolation becomes more pronounced in the coming days we are now taking email orders on a “click and collect” basis. We are still working on deliveries, but won’t start this until we have a robust system in place.

You will be able to complete an order, email it back to us, we will pick it, notify you of any shortages, and email you an invoice which can be paid online. As soon as this has been done, we will release your order for collection at your earliest convenience. Drive to our collection bays with your order number, and we will bring your order to your car.

We will be amending to and adding to this sheet regularly, so please download a new version whenever you make an order

As this is not what we are set up to do, please bear with us as we get these systems in place – I’m sure there will be a few teething problems, but be assured we are doing our best in these challenging times.

Thank You

Paul Keene