Kitchen Garden Foods, owned by Robin and Barbara Moinet are true stalwarts of the Gloucestershire Food Industry.

Based in the old Brewery building near Stroud, they have been making award winning jams, chutneys, marmalades and condiments for over twenty years. Over this time they’ve remained true to their original principles of using open pans, blending by hand and adding no preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers or colourings to their product. With so much competition in this field, by adhering to their principles they remain at the top in terms of flavour and aroma alone.

They really do taste as good (if not better!) than homemade, a claim made by many but seldom achieved.

When you open a jar of jam, the smell is fantastic. The texture is perfect – not too runny or thick and when you spread a little on a piece of toast you’ll be fighting the urge to pop another slice in the toaster.

However, it’s not just the jams that delight, the marmalades are equally as good. Several fans who buy a few jars at a time have given up making their own because Kitchen Garden’s are just as tasty and they can avoid the job of chopping the peel! The chutneys are perfect accompaniments to sandwiches, cold cuts, curries and casseroles, enhancing and complimenting existing flavours. The other condiments such as the jellies and mustards are great with roasted, grilled or BBQ’d meats.

This summer look out for tasters and remember a little goes a long way. True value for money if you’re looking for the best.