This is the most asked question by visitors to the farm and one we never tire of hearing. After all strawberries are our raison d’être. It’s quite hard to be specific when replying as the British weather plays a huge part in ripening the fruit and as this varies daily you can imagine the difficulty. However, here’s a little information that will hopefully be of help.

The strawberry season at Primrose Vale begins in May and ends late september. Wimbledon is the peak time for English strawberries (though the peak season even surprised us in 2011, as come the Wimbledon final there was a temporary shortage, due to a very early start to the whole strawberry crop) yet there was still plenty of fruit available either side of this fortnight.

Look out for signs on the road. Facebook and Twitter are always an option, or leave your email details in the shop and we’ll send you several updates throughout the picking season to let you know when the various fruits are ready. We will also be updating our website daily with news from the fields and failing that there’s always the phone or visiting the shop to speak with a member of staff. If you want to know when the strawberries or indeed any of our other crops are ready keep in touch!