Welcome. It’s the time of year again when 37,000 strawberry plants have been planted at Primrose Vale. It’s roughly the same each year (give or take a few thousand) as there’s a two or three year rotation on all the strawberries.

With an overall crop of 82,000 strawberry plants to manage plus all the other fruit and vegetables to tend, from March to August the farm is a hive of activity. From a growing perspective these months are particularly rewarding, watching dormant plants wake up, start to grow, remain healthy and ultimately produce lots of juicy berries and vegetables.

However, nature can often intervene with our desire for a truly perfect growing season, as anyone who’s ever grown anything knows.   As each new spring arrives we remain philosophical at Primrose Vale about any potential set backs mother nature sends our way. Of course the overall irony is that nature is a double edged sword as not only does it pose a threat to our plants it is also crucial for their very existence. Which leaves me wondering which way it’s going to go this year…..here’s to a bumper 2012!